Hair FAQ's



How Much Hair Do I Need

 Our hair is not sold in packs, but in roughly 4 oz bundles (bundle weight can vary slightly from around 3.0 - 3.5 oz and up). We recommend a minimum of 8 ounces for lengths between 10-16 inches, and 12 ounces for lengths between 18-24 inches. For lengths greater than 24 inches, we suggest 16 ounces or more. In order to achieve fullness, typically more bundles are required for longer lengths. Our hair is sources from all around the world so do take proper care of your virgin hair. Keep in mind that these are suggested so that you can enjoy the fullness of the high quality hair of Ash Diva Hair Collection.



Hair Care

 At Ash Diva Hair Collection we pride ourselves on providing high quality 100% virgin human hair and a superior client care experience by matching each order to your exact specifications. All orders are thoroughly inspected for quality and accuracy. As the hair is 100% virgin human hair. In order to achieve the most consistent look, we recommend that you order enough hair to satisfy your needs versus mixing orders. We cannot guarantee, therefore, that the pattern, color, or texture will match exactly from one order to the next. We pride ourselves on providing a variety of custom color options for our clients. Please be aware, however, that whenever you dye, lighten, straighten, heat or otherwise process virgin hair in any way it decreases the overall life of the hair, even if it results in a beautiful color. In other words, 613 hair will not last as long as virgin 1b hair and so on. The more you straighten, blow dry and heat your hair, the life of the hair is decreased. Certain types of hair are more difficult to maintain than others, and so please consider this as you order. PLEASE NOTE EXTREME USE OF HEAT AND CHEMICALS MIGHT CHANGE THE TEXTURE/ FEEL/ COLOR/ WAVE AND OR CURL IF THE HAIR. This is a result of CUSTOMER USAGE and has nothing to do with Ash Diva Hair Collection. We will not and do not replace hair that is cause of damage by the customer or whoever they wish to install and or style the hair. So there will be no reimbursement of any kind. We encourage customer to reach out to our team of experts if they have any questions before purchasing. As for textured hairstyles curly hair may not be for everyone, as it is much harder to maintain than straight hair. Please know that hair requires regular washing and conditioning, nightly wrapping and careful combing and brushing, starting from the bottom and slowly working up to remove tangling. When you install the hair, if you cut the wefts, you risk greater shedding than normal. Ask your stylist to seal the wefts if he or she decides to cut them. Please contact us for more hair care tips.


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